Financial Literacy Presentations

K-12 and all Academic Levels

Presentations are available for all grade levels. We will gladly accommodate grade appropriate financial literacy presentations as well as Career Days, Math Days, Environmental Days, FBLA, Staff or PTA meetings in addition to our continuing classroom presentations. Our basic presentations are central office approved and are designed in partnership with HCPS to make sure it truly enhances classroom teaching. Additional resources from MBRT-Maryland Scholars Program, NEFE, Visa® to name a few.


Looney Tunes

Elementary School Students

Ages 0-12

Each time the child makes a ten dollar (or greater) deposit they will receive a reward from the treasure chest.

$mart Cent$
Money in the Middle

Middle School Students

Ages 12-15

Savers are eligible for a $10 gift card to iTunes® or Amazon® with a minimum deposit of $25.00 per quarter. Special CD.

$mart Cent$
Establishing Independence

High School Students

Ages 16-19

Every student that opens an Independence Checking account will receive a $20.00 Visa® gift card at account opening. Special CD. 

Special CD:

5.00% rate/5.12% APY ($100 minimum) 6 month term renewable for maximum 18 months for $mart Cent$ Money in the Middle ($500 maximum) and Independence ($1,000 maximum) accounts. Ask for complete details. Penalties apply for early withdrawal.

DMooreHAR-CO’s roots go back to 1955 when a group of 8 teachers determined a need for a financial institution for teachers. Since the beginning, HAR-CO’s goal has been to serve the education community, students and their families in Harford County. We pride ourselves in continuing with this commitment.

Presentation Request Forms are available. You have the option to send your completed presentation request form via HCPS courier, email or by fax to 410-893-1232.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Diane Moore, Public Relations Specialist at 410-838-9090, ext. 226 or email

Custom designed presentations are available upon request.

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