Service Charges




Account Charges

Balance Checkbook

$10/hr with a maximum of $25.00

Certified Check

$5.50 per Check

Check Mailing

$2.00 per Check

Check Photocopy

$3.50 per Check

Temporary Checks

$0.30 per Check

Official Check (to 2nd party)

$5.00 per Check
1st check per month free

Account History Printout

$2.00 per Page

Statement Copy

$3.00 per Page

Money Order

$2.00 per Money Order

Wire Transfer

$5.00 per Incoming Wire
$25.00 per Outgoing Wire

VISA Gift Cards

$3.00 per Card



Business Account Charges

Business Account

$15 per Month



Other Account Charges

ATM Card/VISA Check Card*

$5.00 per Card

ATM Transaction Charge

$1.50 per Transaction at Non-HAR-CO ATMS

Dormant Account


Money Market Account

$10.00 per Check (Exceeding Limit of 3 per month)


$32.00 per Transaction

Overdraft Account Transfer**

$7.00 per Item

Returned Item

$20.00 per Item

Stop Payment

$28.00 per Transaction

VISA Credit Card*

$5.00 per Card

VISA Itemized Transaction


*Lost or additional card

**Fees for overdraft applies to the following: created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.



Online Banking Charges

Open Transfer-Online Banking Remote Account Setup


Outgoing transfer to remote account


Incoming transfer from remote account


Rejection of transfer by financial institution



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