Introducing Construction Loans.

We're here to make your dream home a reality. We know picking out flooring and cabinets is hard enough. We're here to make your loan and mortgage a simple process.

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Build with Har-co Credit Union.

Let us help build your dream home with our 12- month interest only financing line that can be refinanced into a permanent mortgage upon completion of your project

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Your loan stays with us through both phases

Cover all construction costs through the 12 month loan

Borrow up to 80% of the total construction cost

Rate tied to prime and is adjustable

Available for MD, DE and PA

Local direct lender for fast, smooth transactions

Meet the Experts.

Our mortgage officers know the area and can help you close quickly. They were awarded in 2022 for being the top 1% of mortgage producers in the country!

Angie Gregory
Angie Gregory
NLMS# 135040
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Terry Miller-Snee
Terry Miller-Snee
NLMS# 663307
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Frequently asked questions.

What should I do first, talk to an agent or talk to a lender?

Talking to a lender first can help you to better understand your qualifications, the loan programs that are available to you and terms.  It also makes you more attractive to agents to know that you have been prequalified.  Good local lenders can also connect you with good local agents.

Why is my payment higher than I see on the mortgage calculator?

Mortgage calculators often only give you principal and interest payments, but there are other monthly obligations that are added to your mortgage payment such as real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance.  These costs are recurring and the lender may require an escrow account to house this portion of your payment for the future disbursement of all property related expenses.

How much are closing costs?

Closing costs can vary by county/state and are directly related to the purchase price.  An experienced loan officer should be able and willing to give an informal workup of closing costs, but a good placeholder would be 4-5% of the purchase price.  Closing costs are in addition to any required down payment.  Grants and seller help can be used to pay your closing costs.

What is the minimum amount down?

Down payment requirements can vary by loan type, with some loan types allowing for no money down such as USDA Rural and VA, but conventional loan programs require a down payment of at least 3% purchase.

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