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Unlike most large mortgage companies, we understand you're not an expert in buying homes. That's where we help. Up to 97% financing in MD, PA, and DE.

Review  your  Finances

We'll show you the maximum you can purchase as well as work with you to determine what is in a comfortable range. Drawing up a monthly budget can help you with your normal living expenses.

Get Prequalified with the Right Mortgage

30 Year Fixed, ARMs, VA Loans?! We'll help you explore your options and get that prequalified letter that most realtors require. Don't worry we'll keep reviewing it for any changes throughout your search process.

Find your Perfect Home with a Realtor

We have worked with hundreds of local agents and would be happy to provide you with a list of those that would be a good fit for your family. Your agent will work with you to make a strong offer and negotiate all of the contract terms including any property related inspections.

Formalize your Mortgage

Let us know as soon as your contract is accepted and that you are ready to proceed. This is the step where you are usually able to lock-in an interest rate that is good through the closing date. Your loan estimate includes a section of services that you can shop for such as title services.  We'll provide the recommendations, but you have the final say.

Step 5

Close on Your New Home and Move In!

Your closing disclosure will be provided to you to review at least 3 days prior to the closing date to make sure everything is in line with your expectations. At closing you will sign the papers for your new home and the loan that you used to finance it. Enjoy the next chapter in your life!

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We're here to help every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions.

What should I do first, talk to an agent or talk to a lender?

Talking to a lender first can help you to better understand your qualifications, the loan programs that are available to you and terms.  It also makes you more attractive to agents to know that you have been prequalified.  Good local lenders can also connect you with good local agents.

Why is my payment higher than I see on the mortgage calculator?

Mortgage calculators often only give you principal and interest payments, but there are other monthly obligations that are added to your mortgage payment such as real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance.  These costs are recurring and the lender may require an escrow account to house this portion of your payment for the future disbursement of all property related expenses.

How much are closing costs?

Closing costs can vary by county/state and are directly related to the purchase price.  An experienced loan officer should be able and willing to give an informal workup of closing costs, but a good placeholder would be 4-5% of the purchase price.  Closing costs are in addition to any required down payment.  Grants and seller help can be used to pay your closing costs.

What is the minimum amount down?

Down payment requirements can vary by loan type, with some loan types allowing for no money down such as USDA Rural and VA, but conventional loan programs require a down payment of at least 3% purchase.