Our roots run deep supporting Harford County education. Our scholarship program has been around for over 35 years. Please see the details of both credit union scholarship programs below. 2023 Applications are closed. Please check back in 2024.

The Har-co Scholarship Overview

Har-co Credit Union is proud to offer four $2,500 scholarships.  To enter, please submit an essay (300-400 words) or 1-2 minute video discussing how you would benefit from the Har-co Scholarship in your future endeavors.

Who is eligible?

Har-co Credit Union members are exclusively eligible. All applicants must be a Harford County graduating high school senior and plan to enter a college, university or trade school in the next academic year. Recipients must submit evidence of acceptance and enrollment in an accredited post secondary institution of higher learning (college, university or trade school in U.S.) before payment will be made.

Credit union employees and children of credit union directors, officers or employees are not eligible.


1. Be a Har-co member at the date of application
Student’s membership number required. Membership is required and easily obtained with proper ID and a minimal $5.00 deposit prior to deadline.
2. Be an upcoming Harford County high school graduate for the Class of 2023 who has been accepted to an accredited college, university or trade school
3. Reside in Harford County
4. Submit a completed application along with supporting materials by March 31st 2023

How to apply

1. Login

All applicants must register on the site below

2. Upload documents

Make sure to submit:
>300-400 word essay or video submission including community service hours completed
>letter(s) of acceptance.

3. Submit completed application

Each student must follow the
application requirements, or he/she may run the risk of being disqualified.

4. Wait to hear back!

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Awards and Selecting Winners

Har-co awards are paid directly to the recipients. The award is to provide financial assistance to the recipient in his/her pursuit of an undergraduate degree at an accredited college, university or trade school. The money is to be used for the student’s tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment.
If tax liability arises, it will be the sole responsibility of the recipient. Please consult your tax advisor.

Winners of the Har-co Scholarship awards are selected by the Scholarship Committee. This Committee is comprised of at least three members of the Har-co Board of Directors who have agreed to serve on the committee upon the invitation of the chairman/chairperson. At least one committee member shall have served the previous year. It is the responsibility of the Har-co Scholarship Committee to administer this program. All completed applications are reviewed by the entire Scholarship Committee and are confidential.

Scholarship recipients are selected without regard to their race, creed or national origin.

Har-co's Scholarship Committee is comprised of business and education professionals from its Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, including: Teresa Knox, David Jones, Lawrence Dukes, Thorkild Paaby, Alex Coulson and Kimberlee Hyde.

Questions about the scholarship program? Contact Har-co Credit Union at 410-838-9090.

Har-co & MD/DC Credit Union Scholarship Overview

The $12,000 Credit Union College Scholarship Program for 2023 is now closed.

College-bound members are eligible to apply for one of ten $1,000 essay-based scholarships; one $1,000 video-based scholarship; and one $1,000 photo-based scholarship.  And, yes, you may apply in all three categories! Har-co Credit Union, the Credit Union Foundation MD/DC, and its generous supporters cooperate to make this scholarship program possible.

This year’s essay topic:
“In life, things can happen fast.  “More than two-thirds of people in America are not financially healthy. How would you define financial health? Describe how your credit union has helped you understand how to manage your money.”

This year’s video topic:
“To be financially literate, or financially healthy, is to know how to manage your money. Show one lesson you’ve learned from your credit union about managing your money.”

This year’s photo theme is:
Capture an original photograph that represents the credit union core value of “Cooperation”

Who is eligible?

Any member entering their freshman through senior year of college or trade school may apply.

How to apply

This scholarship is managed and awarded by The CU Foundation of MD & DC