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We're not like those big name banks or antiquated credit unions. We're here to provide exceptional experiences through innovative and class-leading solutions to help you grow financially.
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Who we are.

Har-co is  a credit union serving all of Harford County. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or has immediate family living in Harford County.

We were founded in 1955 originally as an educational credit union serving the needs the educators and students of Harford County Public Schools. In 2018, we expanded to offer our services to the entire community of Harford County.

What is a credit union?

Credit unions are financial institutions, like banks, except the members own the credit union. They are nonprofit entities that aim to serve their members rather than seeking to earn a profit. Credit unions often offer better savings rates, lower loan rates and reduced fees because of this.

Source: Credit Karma, 2023

How to become a member.

Membership unlocks low rates and great experiences, but how do you become a member? You just need to live, work, worship, attend school or have immediate family living in Harford County. If you fit those, simply open a $5 savings account and you can take advantage of all our great products - from leading cash back cards to low rate loans.

Simply stop into one of our branches or apply online below.

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Our member experience pledge.


To be courteous and kind, treating everyone in an open, fair and helpful manner.


To be alert and attentive throughout the workday and maintain a positive, optimistic attitude.


To dress and behave in a professional manner.


To tell the truth in every communication that we have, delivering it in the most respectful manner possible.


To treat members with respect and professionalism, ensuring the highest quality service.


To take ownership and follow through to resolve member concerns in a timely manner and not simply “pass the buck”.


To collaborate with, support, encourage and value our colleagues in these efforts to deliver great member experiences.


To make the extra effort to accommodate requests, only saying “NO” as a last resort.

Meet the Board of Directors.

Board Member, Chairman
Lawrence Dukes
Board Member, Vice Chairman
Teresa Knox
Board Member, Secretary / Supervisory Chairman
Dr. Austin J. Hill
Board Member, Treasurer
Steven Johnson
Board Member
Thorkild Paaby Jr.
Board Member
Charles Wellington
Board Member
Eric Rebbert
Board Member
David Jones
Supervisory Chairman
Cynthia Hauf
Supervisory Member
Joan Hurley
Supervisory Member
Thomas J Weir
Supervisory Member
Blaise Sedney
Blaise Sedney

Where we've been and where we're going!


Founded the credit union. The mission was simple - we're created to serve the education community. Our first meeting was in Aberdeen High School.


Har-co set up shop in the "little white house." Herbie the parrot became our official mascot.


Constructed the Bel Air branch right behind the Armory where we are headquartered today.


Built the Abingdon and Aberdeen branches to expand our services throughout Harford County. We held a fall festival to commemorate the event.


We reached our 20,000th member.


Expanded our services from just educators and students to  all who live, work, worship, or attend school in Harford County.


Our new CEO - Gilbert Kennedy III joined Har-co. His main initiative is to put the member experience at the forefront of everything.


Through pairing technology with marketing and data, we launched a new credit card dedicated to Harford County, a new website to enhance the experience, and curated solutions tailored to our members.


We launched a new online platform for members to apply for a loan product and for non-members to apply for memberships and loans. Our goal is to meet our members where they are, not have to make them come to us.


After extensive research and development, we created a youth program for kids of all ages to help them save and learn about finances, called Growing Up Har-co. We also launched the Student Advantage card focused towards helping students build credit.

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