Saving for a dream wedding, getaway, or that car you've been eyeing up? We have the savings account for you. Track your progress online with our Personal Finance Manager.

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We make it easy to save with different types of savings plans to choose from.

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Regular Savings

This is your pass to Har-co. A required $5 minimum establishes your membership. Set aside money for that dream vacation, destination wedding, or new car. With a special savings you can use our app to track your goal.

Holiday Savings

Start saving for the holidays at any time of the year!

HCPS Summer Savings

Automatic 12 month pay schedule for all HCPS 10-Month Employees. 15.38% per paycheck is automatically placed into your Har-co Summer Savings Account by HCPS Payroll Department. In the summer, you will continue to have an amount that is virtually equal to your school year bi-weekly net pay if you were enrolled the entire school year.

IRA Savings

Start saving for retirement. Har-co offers Traditional, Roth and Educational IRA plans designed to keep your money safe until retirement.

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