Quickly pay or transfer funds.

Use our new Pay/Transfer Now feature to quickly transfer funds from another financial institution to Har-co. Simply register today for easy access to the portal for all future payments and transfers. For a one-time payment or transfer, choose the Express Pay option below.

We have 3 stress-free ways to make your loan payment or transfer funds to your account.
  • Access Online Banking and make same-day payments and transfers from your Har-co deposit accounts or use the External Transfers option to pay or transfer from your deposit account at another Financial Institution.
  • Use our Telephone Teller system by calling 410.838.0755 and following the prompts to make your loan payment or transfer. For more information, click here.
  • Use our easy and free online payment and transfer portal above. This portal allows same-day payments and transfers (on Business days if made before 6:00pm) from your deposit accounts at another Financial Institution. Payments and transfers can also be scheduled in advance or setup as recurring. Click the Pay/Transfer Now button below to get started.


  1. What types of transactions can be done? You can use this service to make a payment to your loan at Har-co (any type of loan) or to make a deposit into your Checking account, Savings account or Money Market Checking account.
  2. On the Welcome Screen, what member # do I enter? The member number entered on the welcome screen should be the membership associated with the TO account where the payment or transfer is being made.
  3. Is there a cut-off time for transactions? Transactions completed Monday-Friday prior to 6:00pm ET will be processed on the same business day. Transactions completed on a weekend or after 6:00pm will be processed the next business day.
  4. Why does my loan due date still show after I have made my payment? Some loan due dates only update when the loan cycles (Example: credit card accounts cycle on the 25th of each month).
  5. Can I transfer from an account at another financial institution? YES, you can pay your Har-co Loan or make a deposit into your Har-co Checking, Savings or Money Market Checking from any account.
  6. Why don’t I see my Money Market account listed? Your Money Market account will be listed as a Checking Account and most of the time will have a 006 or 007 as the account number listed.
  7. Is there an advantage to registering versus using Guest payment options? YES, registering is simple and fast, and the system will store your FROM account information, allow you to schedule your payments for a date in the future, and track the history of all payments made through this service.
  8. Is there a charge for this service? Nope, this service is free.
  9. I made a deposit to my account. When will the funds be available to use? Transactions made before the 6:00pm ET cut-off time will be processed to the account during nightly processing and will be available on the next business day.
  10. When should I expect the money to be debited from the account at the other financial institution? Though Har-co Credit Union has no control over the debit transaction posting date at the other financial institution, transactions are typically posted next business day but may be listed as held on the date of the transaction.
  11. What happens if my payment is returned by my other financial institution? If we receive notification of non-sufficient funds or another return reason, we will reverse the payment or transfer. You may be assessed fees by us, Har-co Credit Union, or your financial institution as the result of any returns or insufficient funds related to your FROM (source) account.
  12. Is there a maximum or minimum amount to use this service? The minimum payment/transfer must be greater than $1.00, and the maximum amount is $5,000.00.
  13. Will I receive a tracking number or other reference? Yes, the screen will display a payment confirmation page with all the transaction information, including a confirmation number. In addition, you will receive an email of the transaction details as well.
  14. Is my information stored? Account information is only stored if you are registered which simplifies the process and takes less time to complete a payment or transfer.
  15. Oops, I made a mistake, is there any way to reverse this? You may be permitted to cancel or edit a payment or transfer until such time as the processing of the payment instruction starts. There is no charge for canceling or editing a payment or transfer prior to the processing of the payment instruction. For same day transactions, the processing of payment instructions begins at 6:00pm ET. To cancel or edit a payment, please call our Contact Center at 410-838-9090.
Please see the terms and conditions located here.