From the moment they're born you want what's best for them. We're here to help get you started financially. From saving for their future with exclusive high yield CD's to helping them learn how to save on their own. Wherever life brings your family, grow with Har-co.

Growing up Har-co Savings Account

  • We'll give you $10 to get your child's account started
  • An extra birthday gift on top of their birthday deposits - When they deposit $25 or more within 30 days of their birthday, we'll deposit $10 in their savings
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Growing up Har-co CD

  • Exclusive 5.50% APY* for 36 months
  • For children from birth through 19 years old
  • $5,000 per CD - 5 CDs per child
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Growing up Har-co Checking Account

  • Starting at 16 your child can open a checking
  • Set up debit card limits and monitor their spending through our app
  • Access to over 32,000 ATMs with no fees - locate them here
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The Learning Corner

Personal finance is important for kids of all ages. From counting money, to learning how to save, to building credit. We've curated fun and engaging games and resources to help your child grow their financial literacy!

  • Elementary School

    World of Cents Game

    World of Cents is a teaches the value of money through the concepts of earning, saving and spending money, while incorporating basic math concepts. They get to build their own playground, but will have to make sure they have enough money to build it up! Presented by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

    Your elementary aged kids can also learn from this activity book provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation here.

  • Middle School

    Lights, Camera, Budget Game

    Lights, Camera, Budget - provided by Georgia Public Broadcasting Education* - is a fun game where your middle school aged child gets to make their own movie with a set budget. Can they make a blockbuster while staying within budget? Where will the spend their money? How will they save it?

  • High School

    Hit the Road Adventure Game

    You and your friends are going on a cross country trip to Colorado from DC! You’ll need food, gas, medicine and other supplies - which you can get throughout your trip, but prices vary across the country! You’ll also get achievements for viewing different sights.  You start out with debt, but that will automatically be paid from your checking each day. Begin the adventure here! Presented by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

For educators

Teach your students the importance of financial literacy with these guided activities and handouts.

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