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Introducing the Student Advantage Har-co card

5% cash back at Amazon, Doordash, and college bookstores. Plus 1% everywhere else. No credit score required. Apply online today. College is already stressful, your finances don't need to be.

Partnered with the best!

Car buying, made easy!

We're partnered with over 20 dealerships in Harford County, making it easy for you to visit those dealerships and complete same-day financing. Want to buy your car somewhere else? Get pre-qualified today to start your journey with Har-co.

a warm welcome home.

Wherever you go, grow with Har-co.

From the moment they're born you want what's best for them. We're here to help get you started financially. With $10 on us to start their savings, exclusive high yield CD's, and helping them learn how to save on their own. Wherever life brings your family, grow with Har-co.

Fraud awareness

Be aware of scammers posing as Har-co using our phone number to gain sensitive information. If you receive a call or text, do NOT provide sensitive information. Call us at our published number to report and confirm. Please watch the video here from our CEO for more information.

Solving financial needs for all of Harford County.

What is your next financial goal?

We know how hard is it to start something new, that’s why we have the perfect plan for you.

Har-co Online Banking

We're local, but your access to your money is global with our banking app.

Download our app today to check your balances, transfer money, and more. Plus we partner with over 32,000 ATMs!

Explore our neigborhood.

From strolling around Main Street, to spotlighting local organizations, take a look as we explore our neighborhoods.

Strolling Around Main Street Collection

The best local shops and restaurants that Harford County has to offer.

Community Spotlights

Exclusive conversations with local business and community leaders.