January 3, 2022

Enhancing the Experience in 2022

2021 represented the continuation of our efforts to drive positive change through our organization. Managing the implications of the pandemic, while building culture and products and enhancing services, was only achieved by a staff that was greatly committed to upholding our Member Experience Pledge. Changing our balance sheet, through developing and building our credit card, commercial/business banking, and mortgage product lines served to be a critical step towards our future success. We will continue our efforts to further enhance those products in 2022.

All this effort only has meaning if we can uphold our Member Experience Pledge. As I mention every year, that Pledge is the cornerstone of our culture. It is reviewed and renewed every year, by every staff member at Har-co. The ultimate symbol of that commitment comes by every staff member signing their name to that Pledge, and then, and only then, holding each other accountable. As your CEO, I can tell you that the embodiment of that Pledge has only grown stronger year after year.

We would not exist if we didn’t have the support of our loyal Members. We thank you for the trust that you place in us to take our Organization forward into the future. Our house is solid, we have planned, and now are executing on strategies that will bring greater successes in 2022 and beyond.

Gilbert F. Kennedy, III

President and CEO, HAR-CO Credit Union

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