March 17, 2022

Har-co Wins 2022 CUNA Diamond Award

March 17, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA – Har-co Credit Union won the 2022 Diamond Award presented by CUNA Councils for their class-leading Har-co card. The award is given to a credit union for winning the "Cutting Edge" category for a "one of kind, innovative marketing idea that generated impactful results." The award was announced at the national CUNA conference in Los Angeles held on March 11,2022. There were over 1,200 entries to the Diamond Awards this year.

The Har-co card, which debuted in May 2021, is the first and only card in Harford County to reward cardholders for shopping local. Har-co launched the card with partners including Independent Brewing, The Arena Club, and Vagabond Sandwich Co. "We believe a credit card should be thoughtfully designed to help individuals with their financial goals, without any confusion or deception," states Alex Coulson, Chief Marketing Officer at Har-co. "One of our core values is to support businesses within our community. This card not only rewards members for shopping local, but also has class leading benefits from cash back automatically applied, to introductory offers and low rates."

The Black and Silver Har-co cards are available now at

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